Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Officially Moving!!

No, not as in ourselves, only my blog! I'm not that crazy after spending so many hours fixing up the house to move right after we are on the home stretch so to speak!

But as our family increases and will include three kids under three come July, my posting has steadily declined. Consequently, only my book reporting has been getting posted, so I created a new blog more designed around this premise.

So please visit me there, and thank you to my readers (if any still exist) for checking and being so patient with my lack of blogging!

New blog: Bent Over Book Words

Book # 33: Arguing with Idiots

By Glenn Beck

So yes, I am that far behind that I have not finished up my business from 2009. This though is my last book read in 2009. It was a good read, not as humorous as some of Glenn's other books, but it had a lot of decent points to make when discussing topics with people. So I would recommend it.