Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three More Trees

Three more trees were removed this weekend. Josh was super busy with the help of two of his brothers and his dad.

Saturday the front yard was finally cleaned up. Prior to that all of the tree branches were stacked along the road awaiting the trailer to be loaded onto and taken away. We also had three tree trunks remaining about 8 feet high. But Saturday it all disappeared, and boy, did the yard look better.

But don't get too excited, as Sunday three more trees were taken down, so the front yard once again is stacked high with branches. Our goal is to remove enough to make a path to a large pine tree that is right up against the house. And I mean, right up against. The pine needles extend into our upstairs bedroom window. It's just a tad close to the house. The bottom 5 feet of branches was removed, but then (as our luck always leads) the chainsaw broke. Don't ask! I didn't. So I can't explain.

So while a lot was completed this weekend, our front yard is still an untidy mess. Perhaps, I will get brave enough to just take a picture and show you. Perhaps. . .

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crabby Kid Alert!

Last week, Madi received her chicken pox vaccine, her MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, and her flu shot. This week she has had a fever and a rash. (A common effect of the MMR vaccine, I am told.)

All that is managable, but the crabbiness is almost unbearable.

Everything, and I mean, everything causes her to melt down.

If I hold her, she melts down.
If I sing the wrong song, she melts down.
If I color with the wrong crayon or on the wrong part of the picture, she melts down.
Even going outside for a walk, a passtime that normally eases any woe, caused a melt down. Today was the worst day yet!

So for tomorrow, I am praying for more patience because I sure might need it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This was my project for the past hour--sorting through freshly laundered size 2T clothing to store in Madilyn's closet. Considering she still can not fit in the larger 12 month items, it might be some time before all of these boxes are needed. And I think we definitely have enough.

The mass quantities began with yard sales--one cute item here or there. That amounted to almost two boxes. Then a woman from our church asked if we'd be interested in her granddaughter's clothing. Being the type of person who can never pass up the word free, I said sure! It started with three bags of clothing, and then a few weeks later there were 4 boxes more. We were overwhelmed by her kindness and the large amounts of shirts, pants, PJ's, socks, shoes, etc. We never thought there would be this much!

So at first glance, some might say that Madilyn is on the fast track to being spoiled, but I can honestly say that I spent no more than 40 dollars to fill those 7 boxes.

Is it strange. . .

. . . that Madilyn asks us (yes, yes yeses) to use the nasal aspirator on her nose?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


No cat on my lap this evening. She tried, twice, as I sat here trying to download pictures from the camera, and send out emails. But tonight, I got smart. I moved her to Josh's lap. So they are both watching TV in the living room, while I maintain full mobility.

And it only took me a week to figure that one out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lone Survivor

So as you might remember, I was requesting book recommendations a few weeks ago. I was in dire need of something new to read. Well, I have taken your suggestions seriously, and currently, have three of them on loan from the library. But I also got one that I found recommended through one of the political magazines I read--I can't remember if it was the NRA one or the Newsmax one. Anyway. I wanted to recommend it in case any of you are looking for a good book.

It is called, Lone Survivor, and it is by Marcus Lattrell. It is about Operation Redwing in Afghanistan where around 20 navy SEALs lost their lives. Marcus Lattrell was the only one of his four man team to survive, and his story is one that you simply cannot miss! You will most likely cry when reading it, but it provides a whole new understanding of the war on terror we are fighting and the strength of the men who are fighting it for our country. It is probably not a highly publicized novel, as he is pretty honest about his feelings toward the liberal media, so I felt I'd throw it out there for all of you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hair Fix

No, I don't mean a new fad or hair care product. This hair fix involves our cat, Izzy. Ever since Izzy was a kitten, she has had an obsession with my hair. She loves to nuzzle in it, purr, and kneed. Now, Izzy is not an affectionate cat; she never has been a cat to snuggle up against you or desire petting all day long. But over the years, my hair (or anyone else's of similar length and texture) has become something of an addiction to her.

This weekend we were away doing some work on our other house, the one we tenderly call "Our summer home", the one that won't seem to sell. We had not been back to see it since we moved in June, and with winter approaching, we felt the need to go check up on it, clean up the flower beds, clean out the gutters, and vacuum the floors. Izzy was left to her own devices--home alone.

We returned Sunday evening, and ever since then, Izzy cannot get enough of me. She is always following me around the house. Normally, Izzy will put up with Madi for a few hours, and then go snuggle in our bed. Not the past two days. Izzy is always hovering, stalking my lap. If it is empty, she is in it, trying to climb my shoulder, her motor rumbling. She was so desperate that while Madi sat on my lap at the computer today, Izzy climbed behind Madilyn and up my shoulder. She wasn't even bothered when Madi leaned back on her. And yes, she is on my lap now, not purring, not nuzzling in my hair, so hopefully, the hair fix is caught up, and my lap will not be in such high demand tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Mom's Exercise Video

That's right! I have stooped this low. This is how I exercise. Hey, it entertains Miss Madi, and it really is great cardio. Plus, it allows naptimes and bedtimes to be my time, not my exercise time.

Yes, I am a Wiggle's Exercise Addict, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bucketful of sugar

It might help me get through the next few days.

We're busy.

Last weekend, we had a wedding in New York, which is no easy trip when a pack and play, booster seat, etc. is involved. But we survived after getting to bed at 3am Sunday night. Madi had her first experience with boys fighting over her--two were trying to dance with her at the same time during the reception. We have it all on video.

Monday was recovery day and then Christmas shopping in the evening with a friend.

Tuesday was voting day, so I took a trip to escort my Grandma to the voting place, eat lunch with her, then went to vote myself.

Today, we have a lunch play date (at my house), so I should be cleaning/straightening.

Then tomorrow evening we leave for the weekend to go check out our unsold house and spend the weekend seeing some friends and prepping the house for winter. So I need to start thinking about packing--not only the pack and play madness, but some cleaning and yard work supplies.

Now, I need to go hide the Halloween candy, so it is out of sight, out of mind, as a bucketful of sugar is not going to help with the post-pregnancy pounds.